Product Details

The DL4 servo motor is a dynamic 8-pole motor, which is standard, with speeds from 1000 rpm to 3,000 rpm (varies by model). They are available in 400V.

For maximum flexibility, the DL4 comes with rotatable connectors.

It utilizes neodymium permanent magnets to provide exceptional torque density. Units are rated for maximum torques of at least 300% of the rated continuous stall current.

KEB servos offer up to 11Nm nominal torque and 520Nm peak torque. Motor coating – Varnishing RAL 9005.

Technical Specs


• Voltage Class: 400V
• Motor Poles: 8


• Duty: S1 continuous
• Other duties possible – contact KEB
• Certifications: cUL and CE
• Max nominal torque: 11Nm (no Fan)
• Max nominal torque: 520Nm (forced ventilation)


• cUL and CE certified


• Protection Type: IP54 standard. IP65 – without ventilation (with shaft sealing ring D-side)

• Operating Temperature: 0 … 40° C

• Relative Humidity: < 90 % (no condensation)

• Site Altitude: ≤ 1000 m above sea level


Encoder system connection – M23 connector (for SE CS rotatable)

Encoder systems

-Without encoder (SCL operation)


-Hiperface SRS50 – 16 bit

-Hiperface SRM50 – 16 bit / Multiturn – 12 bit


UL-Certified. UL-Listed.

DL4 Frame Sizes

KEB's DL4 motors, available in both unventilated and forced-ventilated versions, are designed to meet the diverse demands of industrial applications. These high-torque, compact, brushless servo motors offer seamless integration with gear units, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in various settings.

Software. Motors. Drives.

Servo Systems

Harness the full potential of your servo systems with KEB’s Combivis 6 commissioning and diagnostic software. Perfectly managing the S6 and F6 servo motor controllers in conjunction with DL4 motors, this software ensures high-torque, superior efficiency, and unmatched control accuracy in large-power industrial applications.

DL4 Overview

Discover the Power of High Torque Servo Motors

KEB's DL4 servo motors are not just compact in size; they are powerhouses of efficiency and torque.

Designed for dynamic performance, high-torque industrial servo motors are the epitome of engineering excellence, offering unparalleled torque density and reliability in various industrial applications.

Difference Between a Servo Motor and a High Torque Servo Motor

While standard servo motors are known for their precision and speed, high-torque servo motors like the DL4 take these capabilities to the next level.

High-torque servo motors deliver more power and endure higher load capacities, making them ideal for applications requiring robust and sustained force.

This distinction is crucial in industries where high power and endurance are beneficial and necessary.

Explore KEB America’s DL4 Servo Motors

Compact yet powerful, we've designed our DL4 high torque servo motors for those who seek exceptional performance without compromise. These motors offer dynamic performance at competitive prices and are an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

Inquire about the high torque servo motor price to find a cost-effective solution for your needs.

Download our detailed catalog and manual for in-depth information, or contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

High-Power Servo Motor Applications

KEB's AC Brushless servo motors, epitomizing high power and precision, are ideal for motion applications demanding exact movement, speed, and torque control. Our continuous-duty servo motors, designed for high load and large power, excel in industries like textiles, metallurgy, plastics, and woodworking.





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