EtherCAT I/O

KEB America offers advanced EtherCAT products to optimize communication and efficiency in your automation systems. Our EtherCAT products range from durable servo kits to versatile bus couplers and multi-fieldbus modules, all crafted to enhance the performance and reliability of your industrial automation setup.

Why Choose KEB America's EtherCAT Products?

  • Integrated Solutions: From our EtherCAT Servo Kit to Digital I/O Modules, get everything you need for a complete EtherCAT system, delivering compatibility and performance.
  • High Performance: Our EtherCAT Bus Coupler and Multi-Fieldbus Module offer unparalleled speed and precision in data transfer and system response.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Our EtherCAT Encoder Input Module and Digital I/O Module offer customizable solutions to meet your applications' specific requirements.
  • Reliability and Durability: Designed for industrial environments, our EtherCAT products provide reliable operation and longevity, even in challenging conditions.
  • Safety: Delivers certified FSoE communication from PLCs to slave devices with safe inputs and outputs.

Explore our range of EtherCAT products to find the perfect fit for your industrial automation needs: For detailed specifications and to see how our EtherCAT products can revolutionize your industrial automation processes, visit our product pages.