Product Details

KEB offers several different types of braking resistors in both 230V and 460V classes.

Various design types include backmount, encapsulated, and wire wound brake resistors.

KEB dynamic braking resistors are UL recognized which is proof of their quality of design.

KEB offers a line of intrinsically safe brake resistors for added protection. The resistors are designed to fail in a safe way instead of catching on fire. These resistors are UL recognized.

KEB offers drives with back mounted brake resistors. Panel space is always a premium and this allows for a very compact and small drive footprint.

Tech Specs


• Voltage Class – 230 and 400V
• Up to 26kW continuous (440kW 6 second duty)
• Intrinsically Safe – Optional


• Type: Encapsulated and Wire wound
• Protection: IP20 standard (IP60 optional)


• CE and UL recognized


Option: Intrinsically Safe Resistors

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