Product Details

The C6 Cellular Router is offered with a 4G connection and operates on GSM networks worldwide.

The C6 Router is able to connect to new and legacy PLC controls. It supports over 40 communication drivers including EtherNet/IP, Profinet, OPC, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT.

The router is designed for tough industrial applications. It is a DIN Rail mount and is powered with 24VDC.

The Edge Router supports standard MQTT and AMQP protocols. The solution can be easily scaled across industries and applications, including Water/Wastewater, SCADA, Renewable Energy, and Discrete Automation.

The Edge Router pushes data to Cloud-based services like AWS and Azure. From there, users can run further analytics, create user dashboards, and gather insights.

Tech Specs


• CPU Processor – ARM Cortex A8 processor Freescale i.MC535 1 GHz
• Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7
• 512 MB RAM
• 256 MB read-only NAND-flash (O.S. and Runtime)
• Between 2-4GB depending on model


DIN Rail Mount (35mm)


• CE


• WAN – Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (RJ45)
• LAN – Ethernet 100 Mbps (RJ45)
• USB – 1 x USB 2.0
• Serial – 1 x RS-232/422/485 (DB15M) optoisolated
• 1 x SIM Card (mini) socket push-push type (available in GSM Cellular model)
• 1 x SMA plug (various additional antenna options) (available in GSM Cellular model)


• Operating temperature: 0 … +59 °C
• Storage temperature: -20 … +60 °C
• Relative humidity: 5 … 95 %, without condensation
• IP20

Technical Specifications

• Processor – ARM Cortex A8 processor Freescale
• i.MC535 1 GHz
• Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7

• 512 MB RAM
• 256 MB read-only NAND-flash (O.S. and Runtime)

• WAN – Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (RJ45)
• LAN – Ethernet 100 Mbps (RJ45)
• USB – 1 x USB 2.0
• Serial – 1 x RS-232/422/485 (DB15M) optoisolated

Digital I/Os

• IN0 – Safety key for WAN connection. Function managed by COMBIVIS Control Center
• IN1 – C6 Router software reset
Type – 0 … 24 V DC, 55 V optoisolated
• OUT0 – C6 Router WAN enabled connection signal
• OUT1 – Remote assistance service running signal
Type – Output with relay 200 mA/24 V DC max for contact (N.O. – normally open)
• Protection grade – IP20
• Operating temperature – 0 … +50 C
• Approvals – CE, cULus


• Cellular network
• Standard 2G/3G/3G+/4G EDGE/HSPA quadriband up to 5.76 Mbps upload/14.4 Mbps download
• SMAStecker auxiliary diversity antenna
• SIM card mini socket push-push type

• 2 GB eMMC solid state drive
• 4 GB eMMC solid state drive

• COMBIVIS connect

An optional MQTT push agent is available for pushing data to IoT Cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.

How Do Industrial Cellular Routers Work?

4G industrial cellular routers enable fast, reliable connection between multiple devices and peripherals, from PLCs to sensors. They leverage IP-based 4G networks to send and receive data, creating secure machine connectivity at any location or installation.

All data received by the 4G industrial router is transferred to a cloud-based service (like AWS) through MQTT communication, where it can be analyzed and distributed via SMS or email. This technology provides a comprehensive system for gathering, interpreting, and disseminating machine data to improve overall performance while reducing costly maintenance trips to the installation site.

4G industrial cellular routers offer better response time and lower latency than legacy solutions, driving faster connectivity for machines in the field. Designed for data security and robust dependability, 4G routers are a natural choice for remote installations and harsh environments. KEB models are made with rugged, industrial materials with no moving parts or fans, along with cULus approvals and an IP20 protection grade.

Advantages of 4G Industrial Routers

High-quality 4G industrial routers are designed for flexibility. For example, KEB’s C6 router offers additional HMI functionality for data logging, long-term machine diagnostics, and notification via email and SMS. This versatility makes the C6 useful for remote monitoring of devices through Ethernet or serial interface. The C6 can also be used on any GSM network in any country.

Compatibility with VPN connection software (like COMBIVIS Connect) is another unique advantage of 4G industrial routers. This technology empowers users to monitor a plant or installation from their workplace through a highly secure VPN. Moreover, KEB 4G routers offer worldwide support through multiple server locations to ensure continuous network connection.

Applications for 4G Industrial Routers

A 4G industrial router is a definitive tool for remote PLC maintenance and commissioning, particularly in hard-to-reach locations and installations. This utility makes them suitable for real-time facility monitoring and internal communication across wastewater treatment systems.

Renewable energy and wind power applications can monitor and maintain isolated assets in the field, such as wind turbines, with the help of a 4G industrial router. Other typical applications include oil fields, SCADA, and Discrete Automation.

KEB’s C6 industrial cellular router helps machine builders and IoT system integrators maximize site efficiency and safety through remote PLC maintenance. Our solution makes it easy for users to perform analytics, gauge KPIs, and streamline their decision-making processes. Our team can help you select the optimal router for your unique application needs.

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