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Estimate ROI with our elevator regen calculator

Jonathan Bullick | May 22nd, 2017

Could your elevator save money using KEB America’s R6 line regen? Use our online calculator to estimate ROI and savings. The tool, which is free to use, provides an estimate of annual energy savings when using a KEB regenerative elevator drive and a breakeven analysis for the investment.


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At various times during a traction elevator’s operation, energy is both delivered to and returned from the elevator system. An R6 unit allows regenerated energy to be returned to the utility line instead of being dissipated as heat across a braking resistor grid.



“KEB’s R6 elevator regen drive has proven to be a very economical option to capture regen savings” says KEB America sales manager, Jonathan Bullick. “In some cases, the payback period is only a year or two. However, the amount of savings and the payback period can vary greatly depending on the usage, elevator capacity and type of elevator technology being used. This calculator is a tool managers can use to justify the regen investment and determine prime regen candidates.”


The calculator and cost analysis tool was developed through the years by KEB elevator engineers. It allows a user to enter basic elevator, usage, and investment parameters and approximates the regen savings one could expect. When we launched our blog, we decided to publish the tool online so anyone interested in checking the numbers for themselves.


The calculator can be found here. Additional questions can be directed to, or you can use our contact form.


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